Calculator errr Calculator


This is a pretty nice idea I dont think I’ve seen anywhere before. A funky desk calculator based on the Mac OS Calculator app. While this is only a concept from Mint Pass, I know if they were ever available and my job meant I had to use a calculator often enough, I’d definitely buy myself one. I’d probably have to get a Kensington Lock to stop someone stealing it as well, after all, a box of cereal got stolen off my desk the other day.

There is also a Windows version on the site, but we don’t talk about that do we.

I realy hope someone from Apple or Microsoft pick up on these though, Mint Pass are onto a really good idea here. While the desktop calculator is something which is probably being used less and less these days, I think there would be plenty of fans that would buy one of these, and they’d make an aweomse novelty gift or stocking filler even for the non geeks.