AppZapper 2 is out. Applications crap their pants.

Anything that zaps applications is alright with me. Especially if it makes a loud zapping noise at my request. Add in the fact that it actually does something useful, like removing applications efficiently, and there’s a good chance the application will be sticking around on my machine for a while.

I’ve been using AppZapper 1 since it came bundled in the second Macheist package, but I was getting a little worried that it was outdated. It’s been a couple of years since the original AppZapper was released, and finally it’s been given an upgrade. The really cool thing is that if you have previously purchased the App, they’re giving you the upgrade for free, Macheist purchasers included.

Why you need AppZapper

If you’re not sure what AppZapper is or why you might need it, this sections for you. If you do know, you might as well skip on to the next section.

So, like every other operating system (read as Windows), application installations are a messy business. While OS X developers have had the ability to create self-contained code for a while now, some still use some archaic practices, some of which are legitimate, but most of which are lazy. Anyway, when installing an application code gets embedded all over the operating system, making it difficult to fully uninstall a program when you’re done with it. AppZapper tracks down these files and makes sure everything gets uninstalled.

The New Features

The new look and feel

AppZapper still has the traditional look and feel, but they’ve also added a secondary format, which has made it a lot quicker to use. Finding your applications, widgets, preference panes, and plugins has never been easier. They’ve even given you the ability to filter your listings by size, by the last day the application was used, and by a traditional search bar. So, if you’re anything like me, and install copious amounts of Mac applications then forget about them, AppZapper is going to help you find them, the remove them from your system. Great in theory.

License Key Manager: My Apps

I’m not sure how I feel about these license key managers. I’m a big fan of not having to do much work to get an application up to snuff usability-wise, and license key managers never live up to my expectations. Who really has time to manually input their serial key information into these programs? I doubt many people do, and the first company that figures out how to extrapolate serial numbers from our applications is going to come out on top. I know it’s easier said then done, but Belarc has been doing in on Windows machines for years, so someone, somewhere must have a solution.

The My Apps section of AppZapper is no different from the competition, manually inputting your applications, manually entering the license information. Outside of the manually data entry it’s pretty straight forward, so if you need both an Application removal tool, and a license key manager you’ll want to check it out. It works as advertised.

Final Thoughts

I’d buy this application all over again if I had to. It removes files that have gone rogue, and that’s something that I really need to do, almost on a daily basis. If you’ve bought the application in the past, try your software update. It might be free, and you might not need to spend another dime.

One thing that stood out for me as being a problem is that the filtering system in the new app removal view doesn’t seem to be working 100 percent.  It listed 1password as being an application I haven’t used in 4 months, but I use it daily.  It could be a small bug, and it could certainly just be my mind playing tricks on me, but don’t say  I didn’t warn you.  Like all things technology related, err on the side of caution and make sure you’re not going to Zap something you really need.  You’re on your own if you do.

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