Apple’s taking battery chargers green with new device

I’m a little flummoxed with the announcement of a new battery charger being sold from Apple. I had to pinch myself to figure out if I was watching a Saturday Night Live spoof, or if this thing actually exists, turns out that it does exist.

It makes a lot of sense that Apple would be concerned about the state of battery chargers since they now have Bluetooth keyboards, Mice, and Trackpads. Apple’s battery charger comes with six rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, as well as the claim that it’s more than ten times better than the industry average when it comes to power usage. “Thanks to an intelligent power management system, the Apple Battery Charger uses less power once your batteries are fully charged, making it one of the most energy-efficient rechargeable battery solutions ever. The Apple Battery Charger can recharge one or two batteries at a time. It’s optimized for Apple-supplied batteries and it works with AA NiMH batteries from other companies, too.” It’s great to see that these aren’t super special batteries that require Apple branded batteries to work.

At $30.00 for the kit it’s a pretty competitive price option for rechargeable batteries, and it’s not going to look out of place with all of your other Apple gear.

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