Apple releases a tablet: Introducing the Magic Trackpad

It might not have been announced at WWDC like many had expected, but Apple’s Magical Trackpad has finally found its way into their online store.

It’s exactly what everyone expected it to be—a giant laptop trackpad— and it’s being sold for $69.00. The Magic Trackpad is literally the re-embodiment of your laptop trackpad, complete with a giant button. It’s curious that Apple’s decided to introduce a trackpad, but the multitouch capabilities is something that I’ve been yearning for on my Mac Pro since the advent of the iPhone. You’re now going to be able to do everything that you can on your laptop trackpad, on your desktop machines.

The device has roughly the same footprint as Apple’s keyboard lineup and it will sit nicely beside it on your desk. The Magic Trackpad also connects to your computer via Bluetooth.

Is there a use for one of these things in your workflow? I’m seriously considering opening up my wallet for one of these right now.

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