Apple releases green info on their products

There’s a number of things that Apple does that makes me smile, but I found myself smiling a little bit bigger today when I realized that Apple’s put together nice little “environmental” page on their site that show’s the steps they’ve taken to lower their environmental impact.  A noble cause if you ask me, despite the naysayers’ opinions about global warming.

You can now get Life Cycle Impact, Product Usage Impact, Reports, and News all from their website, complete with pretty pictures. If there’s one thing other companies should emulate Apple for, this is one of them. Consumers want to know that they’re making environmentally friendly decisions.

There’s a lot of interesting data visualizations on the page (image to the right), showing how something like making the packaging smaller affects the environmental impact in multiple ways–less garbage, less planes needed to ship.  Actually when you come to think about it, being more environmental is a great way for corporations to save money.  I wonder how many less jets were needed for the 2009 MacBook Pro, versus the iBooks.  That’s got to be some serious coin savings.

Via Jim Dalrymple

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