Apple does customer service right!

Since I switched to using Apple’s computers five years ago, I’ve been amazed with their excellent customer service.  Apple really knows how to take care of their customers.  This point can’t be driven home any clearer than how Apple is offering a 15% bonus when you return a defective 27” iMac.  That’s right you heard me correctly.  This is how customer service is done right.

Try to get this same level of service from the likes of Dell or HP.  It’s just not going to happen.  I know I’m going to catch flack over this, but it’s simply the truth.  I’m not saying that they won’t let you return a defective item, but they’re not going to give you any sort of bonus for it, that’s for sure.

When we purchased our iMacs from, my wife’s Bluetooth receiver wasn’t working properly.  I contacted AppleCare support, and they walked me through several troubleshooting steps.  At the end, they suggested that I take my wife’s iMac to an Apple Store, and have a Genius further troubleshoot the issue.  The AppleCare representative then made an appointment for me.

We took my wife’s iMac to our local Apple Store where we had a very helpful and knowledgeable Genius look at the iMac.  He troubleshot the issue for about twenty minutes trying different scenarios.  All had pointed to a defective Bluetooth receiver.  He asked how long ago did we purchase the iMac.  I told him it was a little over two weeks.  He said no problem.  I need a manager for an exchange override, and we are going to get you a new iMac.  I was amazingly stunned and surprised.  I explained to him that I purchased the iMac from, and not from a Apple retail store.  He said that is no problem, we still can perform the exchange.

He then walks out with a brand new iMac in the box, and asks me if I would like them to transfer the data from the old iMac over to the new one.  This includes all the installed software as well.  They are basically cloning the hard drive.  I told him sure, how much will that be to do.  He said it’s free of charge, it’s all part of the service.  Again, I was surprised to hear him say that.  That’s a word you don’t hear to often now a days is service.  So I told him sure that would be great, that’s one less thing I have to do when I get home.  They couldn’t perform the data transfer at that moment; however, it was ready for pickup the next day.

When I picked up the iMac, I asked them if I could check it out, and verify that everything was there.  They said sure, no problem.  They set it up for me, and everything was there as promised, data and applications.

This is a major reason why I am, and will continue to be an Apple customer.  With this level of service I can feel confident in buying their products, and knowing that if something goes wrong I will be taking care of.

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