Apple and Costco officially divorced

If you noticed a lack of Apple devices in Costco the last time you were there, you weren’t going crazy. Costco started pulling Apple products after they lost out on iPads earlier this year.

Costco wasn’t happy when their competitors started gaining access to the iPad, while Apple continued to bite their thumbs in Costco’s direction. Costco’s Chief Financial Officer, Richard Galanti, revealed to the Seattle Times that there’s truth behind the rumors, and that they are officially phasing out Apple products in their stores. “In the past couple months, we agreed to wind down” said Richard Galanti.

Costco is playing it up as a mutual agreement between Apple and Costco, but that’s a little bit hard to swallow considering the decision came on the back of Apple deciding not to supply Costco with iPads.  Clearly, Apple decided to take their ball and go home long before Costco decided to pull the plug.

So if you’re hoping to pickup an Apple product during your next Costco visit, you might want to turn that car around and head for a Walmart, or Sam’s Club — they still love Apple.

Article Via Seattle Times

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