New 64-bit Flash released for OS X, but it’s still a resource hog

Flash on OS X has been anything but smooth sailing over the years. Often ignored, the OS X version of Flash has been buggy, insecure, and downright impossible to use sometimes. It’s not uncommon for the plugin to cause Safari to crash, or for Flash to eat up enormous amounts of system resources when compared to the Windows version. But, if you’re the curious bunch that we think you are, you can download the Adobe Flash Player “Square” version here.

At the very least, Adobe’s trying to get things straightened out by releasing this 64-bit version of the popular plugin, but it seems to fall very short of our expectations. Watching a YouTube clip still maxes out the CPU on my Mac Pro, and I’ve already had Safari crash because of a Flash plugin problem.

We’re well aware that this is only a Beta though, so things may get a little better in upcoming versions before a final release.

Article Via Adobe Blog

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