How to Turn Off Burst Mode on an iPhone and Remove the Photos

how to turn off burst photos

Don’t want to take Burst Photos on your iPhone? Maybe your storage is bloated, your library has turned into a jungle, or you just don’t need them at this time. Unfortunately, you can’t literally “turn off” Burst Photos.

But there are certain methods that ensure this setting doesn’t get activated while you take pictures. In this sense, we can show you how to “turn off” Burst Photos by modifying your camera settings. We’ll also show you how to easily get rid of Burst Photos using native tools (and suggest third-party apps). Read on!

What is Burst Mode on an iPhone?

The iPhone’s Burst Mode is a camera feature that rapidly captures multiple photos at once. It’s useful for capturing subjects in motion or simply taking many pictures so you can choose the best one.

Burst Mode’s obvious disadvantage is that it quickly bloats your library (with multiple copies of the same thing, no less). So if you only have a limited amount of storage space left, we suggest you turn it off.

In the sections below, we’ll discuss different methods to turn off burst on your iPhone depending on how you set up your device.

Burst Mode can be activated in many different ways, even if you don’t explicitly enable it.

We’ll also show you how to easily get rid of existing Burst Photos on your device using both native and third-party tools.

How to Turn Off Burst Photos on iPhone

As we previously mentioned, there are multiple different ways to disable Burst Mode on your iPhone. That’s because there are a lot of ways it gets activated in the first place (that are really easy to miss).

The methods we compiled below on how to turn off Burst on your iPhone cover all scenarios. For each method, we provided step-by-step guides with detailed instructions and screenshots.

Method 1: Turn Off Timer

When you enable your iPhone camera’s timer, Burst Mode is also enabled by default. In theory, users enable the timer feature when they are far from the device when the photo is taken. In this scenario, having multiple copies to choose from is super useful.

Unfortunately, that means you can’t stop Burst Photos with the timer enabled. To turn off photo burst, you have to turn off the timer as well.

To turn off burst photos with the timer:

Step 1. Open the camera app and tap the small arrow at the top of the screen IF it’s pointing up (if it’s pointing down, skip this step).Middle Arrow at the top in Camera Application

Step 2. New icons will appear on-screen above the shutter. Tap the Timer button, which looks like a clock.Timer Button in Camera App

Step 3. Tap Timer Off.Timer Off Option in Camera App

Method 2: Switch to HDR or Live Photo

Want to guarantee above-average quality output without saving dozens of Burst Photos? Consider switching to HDR or Live Photos.

When either of these features is being used, Burst Mode is automatically disabled (at the moment).

Like Burst Photos, HDR takes multiple consecutive photos really quickly but with different exposures. Then, HDR “combines” the best parts so you’re left with one super nice picture.

Live Photos, on the other hand, captures a photo as well as recorded clips of 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken.

To switch to Live Photo mode:

Open the Camera app and tap the Live Photos button in the top-right corner of the screen. It looks like a bullseye with a dotted line on the outermost line.

You’ll know Live Photos is enabled when the icon is yellow.

Live Photo Indicator in Camera App

To switch to HDR Mode manually:

Step 1. Open the Settings app. Then, scroll down the menu and tap Camera.Camera Settings in Settings Application

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and toggle OFF the Smart HDR setting.Smart HDR Toggle in Camera Settings

Step 3. Close the Settings app and open the Camera app. You should see the HDR button in the top-right corner of your screen, beside the Live Photos button. If the HDR button has a slash across itself, tap it to enable it (the HDR button stays white when enabled, unlike the Live Photos button).Live Photo and HDR Button in Camera App

Method 3: Turn Off Use Volume Up for Burst in Settings

Both volume buttons on the iPhone can be used as a shutter button by default. However, the Volume Up button may also be set up to take Burst Photos.

You can simply stick with the Volume Down button to avoid taking Burst Photos but you can also disable the setting altogether to avoid mistakes and/or if you prefer simply prefer it.

To disable the Use Volume Up for Burst setting:

Step 1. Open the Settings app and scroll down the page until you find Camera. Tap it.Camera Settings in Settings App

Step 2. Switch OFF the toggle beside Use Volume Up for Burst.Use Volume Up for Burst Toggle in Camera Settings

How to Remove Burst Photos from an iPhone

There are 2 ways to remove Burst Photos from an iPhone. If you only have a few sets of Burst Photos, you can manually get rid of them using the iPhone’s Bursts album feature.

But if you have a LOT of Burst Photos, you may want to consider using a cleaning tool instead. We’ll go through each of these options below.

Option A: Select Photos Manually in Bursts Album

If you don’t have dozens of Burst Photos on your iPhone, cleaning them up manually on your via the Bursts album is super convenient. Not only can you easily delete multiple sets of Burst Photos at once, but you can also select one or more favorites per set to keep in your library.

To manually select and clean up Burst Photos via the Bursts album:

Step 1. Open the Photos app and tap Albums. Scroll down to the Media Types section and tap Bursts.Bursts Album in Photos Albums Media Types

Step 2. Tap on the Burst Photos you want to clean up.Selected Photo in Bursts Album

Step 3. Tap Select… at the bottom of the screen.Select Button in Selected Photo in Bursts Album

Step 4. Choose which photos among the set you want to KEEP. Then, tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.Bursts Shot Selection in Photos Bursts Album

Step 5. Finally, tap Keep Only Favorites.Keep Only Favorites Option in Bursts Album

In the menu you encounter in step 2, you can delete burst photos without keeping any favorites. Tap Select > choose burst photos > trash icon.

Option B: Use Cleaning Tools

Let’s say you have more than a few dozen Burst Photos. Manually going through the Bursts album may take you a while, especially if you want to keep one or more individual photos in each set.

In this case, consider using a cleaner app. These tools are designed to make it either faster or more convenient to remove duplicate photos on your iPhone, whether from Burst Photos or other sources.

There are a lot of them on the App Store and we’ve tried most of them (new ones are popping up every day). Here are our top 3:

  • Remo Duplicate Photos Remover. A super popular duplicate cleaner that’s known for its $0 price tag and no-nonsense user interface. There are more “interesting” apps out there, but Remo gets the job done.
  • Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner. Another well-known entry and a modern take on iPhone cleaner apps. With Gemini, you can delete, favorite, and organize photos using swipe gestures. Most importantly, it automatically compiles duplicates, blurry photos, and other gallery clutter for you to conveniently review.
  • Cleaner for iPhone. An all-around iPhone cleaner that helps users delete duplicate photos, videos, and contacts. It also has a bunch of interesting features that help with storage management, such as a file compressor.


The Burst Photos feature is awesome for making sure that you have a lot of excellent-quality photos to choose from – especially when it comes to moving targets. However, it comes at the cost of storage space.

It’s relatively easy to avoid taking Burst Photos by accident – but if your space is at critical levels, we suggest that you prevent it far ahead of time. Still, iOS and third-party apps make it easy to get rid of Burst Photos without much effort. Just make sure you save at least one copy of the photos you want to keep!


You can’t literally “turn off” Burst Mode on an iPhone or iPad, but you can prevent yourself from taking them. You can either (1) turn off your iPad camera’s timer or (2) switch your photo settings to HDR or Live Photos.
You can’t “turn off” your iPhone camera’s Burst Mode. However, you can modify certain settings that can prevent it from being activated while you take photos. Try the following methods:

  • Disable your iPhone camera’s timer
  • Switch your iPhone camera’s photo settings to HDR or Live Photos
  • Disable the Use Volume Up for Burst setting (Settings app > Camera)
By default, the Volume Up button takes Burst Photos. However, this setting needs to be enabled (Settings app > Camera). You can also take Burst Photos by holding down the shutter button.
In theory, users only activate the camera timer when they will be stepping away from their iPhone during the actual picture-taking. Burst Mode ensures that they have a lot of photos to compare to find the best output since they were unable to check in real time.
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