GoDaddy: Sexist SOPA supporters are suffering

GoDaddy, the Maxim Magazine of web hosts, is no longer only known as the company that took a time machine back to the 70s to sell their product using dumb women and big boobs; they’re now known as a SOPA supporter… and have paid for it with 72,354 domains that were yanked from their customer list.

It seems that GoDaddy’s support of SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act), an American bill which would deal the biggest blow against the Internet that this generation has ever seen, has aroused the ire of customers. As a result, domains are leaving en masse to show their dissatisfaction and outrage. This is no mere online petition, folks: GoDaddy has lost 72,354 domains in only five days, with 21,054 of those jumping ship on Friday alone (representing a single day’s loss of $147, 167 USD).

GoDaddy has said that they’ve pulled their support for SOPA, but this is more than likely just a Hail Mary to stop haemorrhaging business (as Techcrunch points out, this reversal isn’t actually official, so nothing’s changed there). There’s no doubt that, with this much of their tight-t-shirt domain hosting empire going down the toilet that they’re going to try anything to stop the exodus.

I find it funny that it requires SOPA to mobilize the Internet to turn their backs on GoDaddy. I guess blatant sexism still doesn’t move enough needles.

Source: The Next Web

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