Apple Cracking Down On iOS Beta Activation Sites

If you want to run iOS betas on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you usually only have one choice: buy a $99 developer account, which allows for activation of 100 devices. However, another option has recently emerged. Over the past few iOS iterations, people have been buying developer accounts and selling individual accounts for roughly $9.99, making a huge profit. And up until this point, Apple hasn’t really cared even though it is against their terms.

Apple has recently started filing DCMA to shut down these websites. This has been confirmed by the CEO of Fused, when he tweeted the following:

@waxpancake Apple has been fairly heavy-handed with the DMCA requests to the ones we host — so, assume the same of the others.

When Macstories reached out to some of these iOS beta activation sites, one site owner blamed Wired because of a feature they recently ran on these kind of sites. Another site said that they are working on a new site “with better and more secure data lines to handle Apple”.

Source: Macstories
Image Credit: scottyhofo

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