Enable Tethering with out Jailbreaking

    Over the last couple of days, a few hacks have come out to enable tethering on your iPhone with your carrier. Some of these require using terminal commands. Now, if you are not a terminal junkie or not very familiar with the terminal, hacking through it can be a very bad idea. But this hack I am sharing is effortless. By going to help.benm.at on your iPhone through Mobile Safari, you will be taken to a site that will alter your carrier settings a bit. The nice thing is it does all the work for you. If you view the site on your computer, you will see the site is in German. This is not the case when you access it on your iPhone. Just a word of caution though, in some cases enabling tethering with this method has disabled visual voicemail. But this is reversible with a restore, or by a fix on the site.

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