WWDC Ruminations

    Like what I strongly suspect, most Apple fans who couldn’t make it to this year’s WWDC in San Francisco did this morning, I sat at my desk feverishly hitting the refresh button in my browser so as not to miss a single juicy detail. So I’m not going to bother listing them all out here since I know you already know them.

    A few things did give me a moment of pause and cause me to experience a silent moment of reflection however.

    First of all, is voice control coming to non-S 3G iPhones? I can’t imagine there is any possible reason why it wouldn’t. But I haven’t seen anything that states it will be a part of the update that will be released for the general public on the 17th. I just put the 3.0 gold master on my iPhone and I can tell you that voice control isn’t a part of it. I give Apple enough credit that I think it would be ridiculous for this to be an artificial differentiator between the 3G and 3Gs iPhones but it seems at this point that Voice Control is not going to be a part of the OS update.

    On a more positive note I do like what Apple is doing with their MacBook line with the refresh. Well, except for the alarming trend of building batteries in. That’s irritating to me. I can appreciate that they last longer, take more cycles, and are supposed to be more environmentally friendly but I can’t swap them myself. And that’s garbage. I mean it tickles me in that place inside me that’s warm and soft and all about mother earth that Apple’s greening it up. But I hate not being able to have an extra battery at the ready for those moments when you find yourself without reliable source of AC power. I’m about due for a portable hardware update myself and thankfully there are still MacBooks with removable batteries.

    Finally there is Snow Leopard. The next revision of the best OS in the universe. The upgrade cost of $29 is pure win but the fact that I can’t force it to install on my 2005 G4 Mac Mini is all lose.

    Okay, that was my two cents. As always comments are more than welcome!

    [Props to Engadget for the image]

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