AirPort Extreme Supply Dwindles, New 802.11ac Version Might Be Announced


Apple’s AirPort Extreme is very high quality and reliable with a slick user interface for both OS X and iOS. So when we see reports of supply issues right before an Apple announcement, we start to get excited — very excited.

As 802.11ac “Gigabit Wireless” slowly starts to proliferate despite the fact that we don’t have a ratified standard, Apple is expected to follow suit, and release a new 802.11ac router using the current draft. This wouldn’t be the first time. Back when 802.11n was brand spanking new, Apple was very quick to release their devices with draft support. Hopefully Apple thinks the technology is solid enough to start shipping.

If Apple does release a new router, they will almost certainly release new hardware that can use it at the very same time. It only makes sense — Apple won’t release a super cool new router that none of their devices can take advantage of at the moment. While 802.11ac support in the new iPhone seems unlikely, it just might ship with any Mac hardware we see unleashed in the next few weeks.

If you’re not planning on moving to 802.11ac for a while yet, now might be the time to grab yourself a cheap refurbished 802.11n model. It’s solid as a rock, and you’ll be happy with it until you make the switch.

Via: AppleInsider
Image Credit: Peter Harris

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