PowerPC and Apple software…

    So, as most you probably know by now or at least should, all of the new mac’s come with intel chips, and have for well over a year! I was an early adopter, I jumped ship from the Windows world about 2.5 years ago. I have an iBook G4. It kinda sucks, but I’ve gotten over it… for the most part, until earlier this week. I’m a geek, there is no denying it. I was trying to download a powerpc version of Ubuntu to try out on my mac. It took forever to track one down. I heard on a podcast that they were phasing out production of ppc based software. An Immediate red flag went off in my head. What would happen to me and my laptop? Will other software providers follow suit in the short term? Will I be left with a legacy product? Will I be “forced” to upgrade, and if I don’t will I be left out in the dark? It’s only a matter of time before universal binaries for software stop appearing… and intel based software takes over. I guess it’s a harsh reality, something I never thought about until this week. I’m going to have to start a funds initiative to upgrade my laptop! My fiancee won’t be to happy about that! Ah well, it’s a necessity, or is it? Excuse me while I go and cry a little.

    Joshua Schnell

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