Movist — Play your Videos Without Hassle

    Movist is a free, open source movie player for Mac OS X. It combines ffmpeg with QuickTime to playback almost any video format you can throw at it. When combined with Perian, Movist is really impressive.

    My favorite feature in this app is the ability to automatically play every movie file in a folder in series. All you have to do is open the first movie in the folder, and then sit back and watch to your heart’s content. Also, Movist is very customizable. Subtitles, screen preferences, and codec bindings are all available at the tips of your fingers.

    A very interesting side note is that Movist has a 10-foot interface available by pressing CMD+N. This mimics the UI of Front Row, and it will automatically find videos in your /user/Movies folder, iTunes Movies, and iTunes TV Shows.

    Give it a go, and then leave a comment on this post about how your experience was. If you have a recommendation for a better video player, be sure to let me know.

    Image Source: Moivist & The Sopranos

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