Is Your Mac Talking To You? Do You Want It To?

    Sometimes I get lonely and wish that I had someone around to converse with. Well, not really, but I do get really freaked out when my Mac Pro starts chatting with me. More specifically, it thinks it’s funny to tell me absolutely everything I’m doing on the screen. The typical session goes a little something like this:

    Mac Pro: New Firefox window!

    Josh: What?

    Mac Pro: New Chat Window Opened.

    Josh: How did you know that?

    Mac Pro: I’m a computer, I know everything….

    Me: Hal… is that you?

    So, what happened? CMD+F5 happened. You know what I’m talking about. After a long night, after too much to drink, or too many muscle relaxants (hey, i have a bad back! chill out!) you start trying to type, and you keep hitting the wrong buttons. Happens to us all. In my case I “magically” made my computer come to life. For a minute there I thought I could animate inanimate objects.

    Anyway, CMD+F5 turns on the voice over function that’s built into OS X for people who have really bad eyesight, or in my case, need some extra loving. Either way, it’s a fun feature to play around with.

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