iPhone OS iPod.app: Does it compare to iPod Classic OS?

    I’ve owned an iPod for over 4 years now; my first was a 4GB Green iPod Mini. Since then I’ve owned seven iPods total. Three of said iPods were the iPod Nanos, two have been iPhones, and one has been the iPod with video (5th Generation).

    Lately, my iPod 5th generation’s battery has been failing. Either the battery, or the entire unit itself will need to be replaced. During this time, where I decide what to do, I’ve been wanting to use my iPhone 3G as my iPod, but I can’t due to some rather important missing features in the iPhone OS iPod app.

    The biggest missing feature, and the one that I use the most, is the sleep timer. I like to listen to music while I fall asleep and setting the timer allows the battery to not completely die. Along with that, I do not have to get a major shock if I do awake during the night and music is still playing.

    The second feature that is missing from the iPhone OS iPod app is scrubbing. While there is scrubbing within iPhone OS’s iPod app, it is not the same degree at which the iPod Classic can move through an audio file. I know that iPhone OS’s iPod app has scrubbing. However, I can get to the spot within an audio track much faster, and with better precision on my iPod Classic OS device than my iPhone OS device. This does not seem to be the way that the software should behave.

    These are the two biggest missing features of the iPhone OS iPod app. I’m sure I’m forgetting some features, but it is not

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