Apple Releases Three New iPhone 5 Ads For Thumb, Cheese, Physics, And EarPods

The iPhone 5 was finally released yesterday, and Apple released a slew of new ads alongside it. Three of the ads focus just on the iPhone 5, showing of its new appearance and some of the cool new features. The fourth ad looks at the EarPod and how earbuds should be ear-shaped.

Like the ads themselves, the titles of the ads are simple enough: “Thumb,” “Cheese,” “Physics,” and “Ears.” “Thumb” focuses on the new size of the iPhone 5, showing how easy it supposedly is to use with just one hand. “Cheese” demonstrates the new Panorama feature of the iPhone 5, and the commercial is actually pretty cool. “Physics” is all about how the iPhone 5 is bigger and smaller at the same time than previous iPhones. And the last one, “Ears”, is entirely focused on Apple’s newly designed earbuds, dubbed EarPods. The commercial shows how much of a better fit the EarPods are.

Make sure to check out the ads posted above and below. They’re certainly better than the Genius ads that Apple released a little while ago, and then quickly pulled. These ads are simple and focus on what’s new and great about the iPhone 5, although I think the jury’s still out on whether a longer iPhone is really better.

Source: YouTube

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