Zynga Loses The General Manager Of CityVille


Zynga has been having some issues lately, and it looks like they’re beginning to lose some important staff members. “The latest exit, following its COO John Schappert, is Alan Patmore, Zynga’s general manager of CityVille, who has joined Kixeye as their VP of Product,” Tricia Duryee at AllThingsD writes.

The bad news just continues to pile up for Zynga. As their stock price continues to plummet, a number of leaders jump ship, and as the lawsuits start coming in, it is looking like there are rough seas ahead for everyone’s least favorite gaming company. After years of being accused of ripping off the ideas of other people, it looks like it is finally coming back to bite them in the ass. We can’t say that we’re surprised.

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On the other hand, Kixeye, the company that Patmore is joining, seems to be rather interesting. Because of Kixeye’s focus on more in-depth games instead of casual games, it makes substantially more money per user, and they’ve been profitable for two years on top of that. The recruitment video for Kixeye gives you a good idea of how they feel about Zynga. Spoiler: It’s pretty much how the rest of the world feels.

So, do you think Zynga will fold? Will all the top people at the company bail before the ax comes down? Only time will tell.

Source: AllThingsD, Yahoo Finance

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