Wooga And PopCap Games No Longer On Google+

Recently the game developers PopCap and Wooga began pulling their games from the Google+ game catalog. Wooga was the first developer to leave when it pulled its popular kids game Monster World. Monster World was pulled on May 1st. Other games from Wooga including Bubble Island and Diamond Dash will be pulled on July 1st.

PopCap, a division of Electronic Arts, has also pulled one of their most popular games from the Google+ platform: Bejeweled Blitz. A spokesperson from PopCap recently spoke with Gamasutra on this matter. The spokesperson said:

PopCap has decided to suspend Bejeweled Blitz on Google+ to redeploy our resources to other adaptations of Bejeweled. Certainly, Google is a valuable gaming partner for PopCap and EA, and we’ll continue to develop for Google platforms.

PopCap also informed users that they should use up their remaining coins by June 18 when the game is officially taken off of Google+, as they’re not transferrable to Facebook or other versions of the game. PopCap has confirmed that Bejeweled Blitz will still be playable on Facebook and other networks unless otherwise stated.

So, if you still use Google+, what do you think of these games being removed? Do you think this will hurt Google+ in the longrun or is it just a minor bump in the road? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SFGate, Gamasutra
Image Credit: brionv

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