The Walking Dead Episode 3 Comes To OS X, Episode 2 To iOS


Have you been playing The Walking Dead episodic game from Telltale Games? If not, you should grab it on OS X for only $24.99 on Steam. Episode three, titled “Long Road Ahead,” will be available on OS X, Windows, and Xbox Live Arcade on August 29th. If you’re of the Playstation persuasion, episode three is available to you as of today. Don’t jump in the middle of the season, though. The choices you make in one and two affect the game heavily. To enjoy episode three, you’ll really need to play one and two first. Not a problem, though, since it’s cheaper to grab ’em together than as separate episodes.

Fear not, iOS users! You get some love too. “The Walking Dead: Episode Two – Starved for Help will also be available this Wednesday, August 29th on iOS as an in-app purchase within ‘Walking Dead: The Game’ for $4.99 or as part of the Multi-Pack bundle that includes episodes 2-5 for 14.99,” says Alan from the Telltale Games blog. Still an episode behind the other platforms, but at least they are being continually updated. It’s much better than waiting until the whole season is done to play it on your iPad or iPhone.

However you plan on getting your Walking Dead fix, make sure you grab these new episodes. This all new adventure in this undead world will be welcome to fans of the comic and TV show as well as newcomers to the franchise. New protagonists, background characters from the comic, and decision-based dynamic storytelling makes for hours and hours of replayability.

Source: Telltale Games

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