Temple Run Hits 100 Million Downloads, Keeps On Running

As of recently, everybody seems to be playing Temple Run. I can’t take a single train, subway or bus ride without seeing two or three people playing it. And while I’ve never been a huge fan of the game, a few million people must be. Why? The game just broke 100 million downloads. The game was coded by a husband-and-wife team and was launched around a year ago. The app has also hit other milestones in the recent past, including a Disney-branded spinoff of the game under the name “Brave”.

If you’re unaware, Temple Run is a pretty popular game for iOS and Android. The game’s objective is pretty simple: don’t get eaten. You do this by running around a temple and controlling when your character turns, jumps and slides. And while the game is free, you can buy currency in the game to upgrade your character. The game was recently updated to support the new iPad’s Retina display and to  fix a ton of performance bugs within the game. If you don’t already have Temple Run on your iOS device, feel free to hit the link below to be taken to a download page.

Source: TUAW

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