Nintendo 3DS XL Announced, Will Hit America August 19

Nintendo is known for releasing a larger version of their current handheld devices about halfway through their products’ cycles. Nintendo of America has confirmed that they will be doing this for the 3DS by introducing the Nintendo 3DS XL. This was confirmed during a Nintendo Direct presentation where Nintendo announced specs, pricing and a release date for the device. The 3DS XL will feature the same dual screens, only larger. The top screen will measure in at 4.88-inches and the bottom touch screen at 4.18-inches. The battery life on the 3DS XL will also improve over the standard 3DS, going from 3.5 hours to 6.5 hours when playing 3DS games, and 6 to 10 hours when playing standard Nintendo DS titles.

In the United States, the Nintendo 3DS XL will ship for $199.99 with a 4GB SD card on August 19, 2012. This release date is coincidently the same day that New Super Mario Bros. 2 is released. The handheld will ship on July 28 in Europe alongside New Art Academy. In the United States, the 3DS XL will be offered in blue and red color variations and will be offered in silver throughout Europe.

Source: The Verge (Polygon)
Image Credit: The Verge (Polygon)

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