EA silently releases Battlefield 3: Aftershock for iOS and it’s awful

Without a word, EA unleashed Battlefield 3: Aftershock into the US App Store today. One would assume that with the massive success of its cross platform predecessor, they might have made a bigger deal about bringing it to mobile. After playing it, however, one begins to understand why this might have been an intentionally quiet release.

There had been some talk back in mid-late 2011 from EA about releasing a mobile version of the huge success monster that is Battlefield 3. The release of that game came and went back in October without much further talk of the mobile game. Then today, out of nowhere, there it is in the US App Store. Sometime publishers are odd.

So, the game is awful. It looks nice, sure, but that doesn’t count for shit when the rest of the game is virtually unplayable. In fact, I’m so displeased with it I’m only going to offer a brief, bulleted list of why it sucks harder than a toilet in an airplane bathroom:

  • Its online multiplayer component is slow as shit
  • There is no single player feature
  • In-game ads are there to stay since there’s no pay-to-upgrade-to-premium option
  • Users have already been complaining of control issues and major glitches
  • You only get four weapons, and that’s including your knife
  • The game has a built-in movie trailer for Act of Valor, and when you watch it, you can unlock a new weapon. Are. You. Kidding.

Yes, I know it’s a free game, and you can’t really expect a whole lot from that. It’s just that this game seems painfully incomplete and lackluster considering the franchise it’s a part of. Hopefully this is simply a soft release, and there is more content and more options in the works. Please stop disappointing us, EA. Do the franchise a solid, and make Battlefield 3: Aftershock worthy of its title.

Source: TouchArcade

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