Doodle Jump Pops Up In Arcades, Soon To Be Plush Toys

Doodle Jump, one of the first major hits in the iTunes App Store, has just announced plans to bring the still popular game to your local arcade. Doodle Jump is already in some machines throughout the US and features an impressive 42-inch HD display and is pretty much exactly the same as the Doodle Jump you can readily play on your iPhone or iPod. The arcade version of Doodle Jump is made possible by a partnership between Lima Sky (the owners of Doodle Jump) and Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (aka ICE).

Lima Sky has also announced a licensing deal with Innovation First International to make plush toys and other collectibles out of the characters in the game. While we’re not totally sure what characters will be included in the plush set, we can be assured that they’ll look cool on any geek’s desk.

Doodle Jump has been one of my favorite games for iOS since I bought my first-generation iPod touch, so needless to say I’m excited to try out the arcade version if I get the chance. This should shine light on the game too as Angry Birds has taken the spotlight away from Doodle Jump in the recent years as being the “game everyone has” in the iOS world.

Source: TUAW
Image Credit: ICE

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