Award-winning Tongue-Tied! gets ten new levels

Fans of this physics based platformer, Tongue Tied!, had their tails all a wag this week when developer Mojo Bones added ten all-new levels and three brand spankin’ new DogHouse challenges, as well as some new funky art to the game. This is the first of several promised content updates that Tongue Tied! will receive this year. This update also included a patch for some known gameplay issues that some players were experiencing.

Tongue Tied! is as cute as it is fun. It features two pleasantly plump pups who are – you guessed it – tied together by their tongues. The object of the game is to “hang, swing, and ping” your way through each level to try to get your paws on the ever elusive WonderBone. The difficulty level is balanced enough that it can definitely be enjoyed by the whole family.

Check out Tongue Tied! on the App Store now. Hours of fun and humour are waiting.

Source: PocketGamer

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