December 16, 2006: iSight goes MIA.

    On December 16, 2006, Apple officially removed the external iSight from their website and began integrating them into their laptops, and iMac models, hot stuff. Wait, not so hot stuff, where the heck is the Cinema Display’s with iSights? Ohh, right, there are none. It has been just over a year and a half that the webcam was removed and still, Mac Pro and Mac Mini users are left out in the cold (trust me, it gets mighty cold up here in Canada, and a sexy iPhone might just keep me warm on those long winter nights! Just saying!). I understand that those machines allow for the use of third party monitors, but, I have an Apple Monitor, and from as far as I can tell, the iSight has not been placed into Cinema Displays yet, nor do I see any coming in the near future.

    What gives, where’s the love, have we been forgotten, does no one care?

    Every major Apple keynote since that infamous day I’ve assumed new Cinema Displays were coming with built in iSights, and much to my dismay, I’ve been wrong every single time. I’ve given up hope. No ustream, no cheesy macgasm videos, no awkward video chats in my near future. Man, I could really go for some awkward iChat sessions.

    Could this be the year, could Apple finally give us Cinema Displays at WWDC08? I wouldn’t bet the farm, heck, I wouldn’t beat an awkard iChat session with me on it.

    Give me an iSight! I’m sick of waiting patiently, and winters coming fast. I NEED TO KEEP WARM! *Sigh*

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