Daisy Disk is one sexy looking disk utility


    Finding your lost hard drive space is a constant struggle for most users. One day you have a freshly installed operating system, and the next you’re wondering why you have 2gb’s left. It’s a giant annoyance.

    Plenty of apps exist, some better than others, but none have looked this sexy so far. I love data visualizations, and in another life I’d study them if I could.  Daisy Disk, dare I say, I quite beautiful!

    Essentially the application lets you drill down through a drive and find out what’s eating up some precious hard drive space. For me, 20GB went to a World of Warcraft installation–I haven’t played in over six months–and a bunch of virtualization installations. Do I really need both an XP and Vista installation, probably not.

    Instead of posting a bunch of pictures of the application I figured it would probably be best to add a video for you. Seeing it in action is the only way you should see it. It’s phenomenal.

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