BMW removing in-seat video screens and replacing them with iPad docks

    BMW has decided that providing in seat displays are a thing of the past, and instead, they plan on adding OEM iPad Cradles to their BMW X3 series cars. Who wouldn’t want a full fledged iPad over a DVD Player? When was the last time you were able to play Angry Birds on a road trip from your in system DVD player? We’re sure parents will absolutely love to hear Angry Birds on long road trips during the holidays.

    Oh, but the iOS integration doesn’t exactly end there either. BMW is also planning on adding cradles to the dash so that you can control your GPS system, music, and other features from their BMW Link app. So, the next-time you’re waiting at the Ford dealership oogling over the Ford Sync system, take a moment and ask yourself if you’d be better off with an iOS app for your car instead.

    Who knows, maybe Apple’s working on an in-car system that would put the Sync to shame in a couple of years. One thing at a time though, launching a Lala replacement should be priority one.

    Article Via Cult of Mac

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