31 Tops Stories From This Week That You Probably Missed!

Unlike some tech blogs, we haven’t been breathlessly posting every permutation of television and iPad dock we could find in Vegas between bouts of industry provided booze and buffets. The week started early on Saturday with reports of a break-in at Microsoft’s offices, and the only things stolen were Apple products. Other Apple contraband turned up on Ebay when an auction was listed for a Genius Bar sign (it sold for about six-hundred bucks). Either Tim Cook took the longest trip for take out in the world, or he was in China for some serious business this week. There were dueling rumors about the possibility of a cheaper iPhone this year, made murkier by some Phil Schiller statements with just enough wiggle room to keep the rumor alive. iTunes turned twelve this week and Safari turned ten. You can run an early build of OS X on the Surface, if you’re into that sort of thing. Samsung gained five times as many patents as Apple last year, which means that we’re likely stuck with lawsuits passing for news for the foreseeable future. Here’s our weekly rundown:

Saturday Bonus






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