It Takes Two To Siracusa: Ars Reviews El Capitan.

The Siracusa era may be over, but Ars still has you covered for a deep dive into OS X. Their review of the latest version went live today and has all the detail you would expect. They cover app improvements, the new version of Swift, even MDNSResponder.

Really, this is the first time in several years that iOS and OS X have felt like they’ve gotten (and needed) the same amount of attention from Apple—both get to spend a release in the slow lane as Apple puts its marketing muscle behind newer platforms like the Apple Watch and the new Apple TV. Like iOS 9 (and Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard), El Capitan is about refinement. Yosemite’s big statement was “This is what OS X looks like now.” El Capitan’s is a relatively meek “Hey, I have a couple neat tricks to show you.”

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