Kill screenshots from filling up your iCloud with hack


Syncing your photos to iCloud is pretty awesome.Having your screenshots go with them to that magical cloud is not. We talked a little bit about theĀ iOS 5.1 beta 2 release yesterday, and how it brings the ability to manage your Photo Stream; however, who knows when Apple will release the update to the public. If you run a jailbroken phone you can stop your iPhone from sending screenshots to the cloud automatically with Screenshot Dam.

The application, available in Cydia, automatically recognizes what photos are screenshots and which photos were snapped by you and then segregates them before iCloud gets a hold of them and puts them in your Photo Stream.

Sure, not too many people out there take a lot of screenshots, but if you’re like us and run an Apple blog, taking screenshots happens on a daily basis. Having those photos in your Photo Stream is a pretty big bummer.

Hat tip to Addictive Tips for the find.