Is Siri the key to the future Apple Television?

We’ve all been speculating about Steve Jobs’ cryptic comment to Walter Isaacson about how he “cracked” television. Pretty much everyone has taken this comment to mean that a full-fledged Apple Television is in the works. But Nick Bilton over at the New York Times has provided a slightly different interpretation of this quote. According to Bilton, the secret ingredient that Jobs is referring to in this quote is none other than the newest addition to the Apple iOS family: Siri. Looking back at the quote, this could certainly be “the simplest user interface” that Jobs referenced. What could be easier than turning on your television and asking Siri to put on the show you want to watch?

If this interpretation is correct — and successful — Apple could continue its trend of rendering other technologies obsolete. This time, say goodbye to the trusty remote control. And this could come just in time. Remotes have gotten increasingly complicated as their associated technology has evolved, not to mention that that they seem to multiply in number every time you turn around. Add that to the diversification that we’re currently seeing in the sources of our television shows and movies, and a simple solution to accessing all that content can’t help but be popular.

Of course, Bilton offers no evidence to back up his assertion that Siri will rule the Apple Television. It appears to simply be his own personal interpretation of the Jobs’ quote. That being said, it does sound like an ideal solution that could help change the game in the world of television.

Source: The New York Times

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