Verizon working with Google on iPad competitor

Verizon took a page out of Apple’s playbook today — dominating the news all day long. First they were in the news because Apple apparently has an exclusivity contract with AT&T, which shed some light on the likelihood that the iPhone 4 HD wouldn’t be coming to the Verizon network. Then, they thought it’d be appropriate to be in the news because they’re working on an iPhone HD advertisement. Now they’re in the news because they’ve decided that it’d be a good day to let the world know that Verizon and Google are teaming up for an iPad rival.

Trifecta complete.

Lowell McAdams, Verizon Wireless’s chief executive, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that Verizon believes that tablets will be the next big wave of innovation in the tech industry. He’s probably right. No matter how you slice it, Verizon has a serious man crush on Google, and we can’t blame them. They were left at the altar for way too long by Apple. We’d make the same moves, but we’d be a lot more likely to do it kicking and screaming.

It’s a smart move for telcos to be thinking about how these devices can bring in alternative revenue streams as mobile internet connectivity becomes a necessity in today’s world. Good on ’em — we could use some more competition in the market.

Article Via Wall Street Journal

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