Enough rumors already, here are the features we want to see in the iPhone 5

iPhone 5

The inevitable release date of the iPhone 5 is still unknown to anyone that isn’t at the very top of Apple. We heard a rumor earlier in the month that the iPhone 5 will not be going into production until September, as well as a rumor that the device will be arriving just a month later, in October, and will be sporting a new camera and CPU.

Instead of rumors, we thought we would give you a run down of the things we want to see in the iPhone 5 when the device finally arrives, including cameras, A5 processors and a revised notifications system. Check it out, and then tell us what features you want to see in the iPhone 5 in the comments.

Terry Lucy

The rumored 8 megapixel camera would be my ideal addition to the iPhone 5. While the current 5 megapixel camera is great, everyone loves a camera upgrade, and I think such a thing would take even more advantage of the iPhone 4’s fantastic Retina display. Taking photos on my iPhone 3GS is one of my favourite things to do while out and about, and even though the camera is only 3.2 megapixels on the iPhone 3GS, I still take plenty of pictures — going from 3.2 to 8 megapixels would only enhance that experience for me. In addition to a megapixel boost, it would also be awesome to see a jump from 720p video recording up to 1080p at 60FPS with the iPhone 5. I realise I may be asking a bit much for 1080p video recording — an 8 megapixel camera would be enough to see me through until the iPhone 6 arrives.

Joshua Schnell

A new design is a must for me. It’s probably not going to happen, given the state of the rumor mill, but considering I’m on the verge of buying a new iPhone, I wouldn’t mind a new look. More storage space would also be huge. The iPod classic’s days are numbered. Eventually an iPod touch or iPhone is going to catch it in storage space. Once that happens, the classic is getting cancelled. Better battery life would also be high up on my priority list. Given the inclusion of Hotspot in iOS 4.3, I plan on tethering my WiFi iPad to it immediately. That means two device will be pulling data through the iPhone 5’s hardware. A better battery would help me get the most out of both of my devices.

Marilyn Halpin

For my iPhone 5, I would love the faster A5 processor that the iPad has. Since the iPhone has become pretty much my only point and shoot camera that I use, it could have a better front camera as well as a better one in the back. I’ve been using my Hotspot as a 3G replacement on my iPad 2, which chews through the battery. If they are planning on putting 4G into the next iPhone then a longer battery life is going to be a must. I don’t care about its looks, as I’m not buying it for the looks. With that said, if they present me with something in a Sidekick form factor, I would be pretty unhappy.

Myke Hurley

I’m not overly concerned with a new aesthetic. The iPhone 4 still looks amazing to me and can stay just how it is. I would love to see the new A5 inside as I’ve really been enjoying it on my iPad and feel that this would make significant enhancements to the phone experience. Most of the changes I would like to see would be in iOS 5. We desperately need a new notifications system; something more efficient — not just one at a time — and maybe having the devices aware of each other, so each push is not replicated. I would also welcome a smart cover for the iPhone — this is a rumor we’ve spoken about before on the site. This is one of my favourite features on my iPad, so it would be welcomed with open arms as an accessory for the iPhone 5.

Stephen Hackett

I, too, am happy with the design of the iPhone 4. I would love to see better cameras, and a better speaker as well.

I firmly believe the next iPhone will be more of an iPhone 4.5 than 5. Think 3GS, after the iPhone 3G. That said, Apple seems to be slowing down the release cycle (if rumors are to be believed) so I could be super wrong. I’m not expecting 4G/LTE though.

But Apple is a software company, and iOS needs some love. Why do notifications still suck? Why can’t I send or receive calls or texts with my iPad if it is on the same network — or in the same room — as my iPhone? Why can’t I see metadata on photos I’ve taken or synced?

Wrap up

So, there you have it. Team Macgasm has spoken, and now it’s up to Apple to make our dreams come true. Pretty high on the agenda is battery life and a better camera, and it seems that we are expecting more of an iPhone 4.5, as Stephen suggested. What do you think of our wish list? Do you feel we missed any must-have iPhone 5 features? Let us know in the comments below.

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