Mysterious MacPad gets approval from FCC?

Just before WWDC went down there were rumours circulating the internet that Apple was also going to release some kind of tablet / trackpad device for the desktop lineup. Given Apple’s extreme hate for buttons, and their creation of the MagicMouse, we don’t find it extremely hard to believe that Apple could release something like this in the near future. Turns out the device might be closer to shipping than we previously thought, the FCC has approved a “bluetooth device” that Engadget seems to think might be the MacPad.

According to page 45 of the filing, the device is actually referred to as a “Bluetooth TrackPad.” So either Apple’s planning on taking on Wacom directly, or they have something up their sleeves. Could this be an input device for a new AppleTV, or just a trackpad for the desktop? The filing also states that the device was used in conjunction with a MacBook, so who knows what Apple intends on using if for.

Would you buy one of these things over a Wacom tablet?

Personally I hope there’s more to this than a tablet, because my Wacom tablet sits on the corner of my desk, and I haven’t touched it for well over a year at this point.  Given Apple’s take on multifunctional devices these days, I find it hard to believe that this thing would be marketed as a tablet for your Mac.  It has to do something we’re not thinking about.

Hopefully we find out sooner than later.

Article Via Engadget

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