Running live TV events on the Apple TV is clearly on the minds of the big wigs at DirecTV

We probably don’t have to tell you that television is undergoing a massive facelift these days. The only thing keeping my cable connection around these days is live sports events like NFL on Sundays, and NHL during the week.  The combination of Netflix and the Apple TV has completely replaced 90% of my cable needs. The other 10% of my television usage is tied up in live events. It’s those very live events that still have me tethered to a traditional cable package. It seems like some of the big wigs at DirecTV have been wondering about getting NFL Sunday Ticket directly onto the Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee machines.  Is this good-bye to cable?

According to Engadget,

“a recent [survey] by DirecTV may be a good sign for those who prefer their NFL Sunday Ticket over the internet instead of satellite. According to a tipster, some of the questions asking about potential pricing setups indicated the digital version would be available via currently unsupported devices including internet connected Blu-ray players & TVs, “game machines,” Apple TV, Roku and Boxee.”

These additions to the Apple TV could be as simple as an iOS app and AirPlay, apps coming to the Apple TV, or an inclusion that’s similar to Netflix on the Apple TV currently. Personally, I think iOS apps with built-in AirPlay connectivity could be a major boon for the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. Some of these organizations already have stellar iPad applications. If we could partner those applications with live game streams and AirPlay, I’d cancel my cable bill entirely.

Now if we can just work out a way to get rid of the “hidden” bandwidth costs associated with these technologies, we’ll all be set.

Article Via Engadget

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