Mailplane Is A Decent App

About three months ago I installed the Mailplane application. I had an invite sent to me by a friend because it was still in its beta testing phase. It has since gone public but at a somewhat heavy price considering the fact that it is a glorified and special web browser. The price for this application is thirty dollars for a single license.When you open the application it says please wait while Mailplane loads. The results are pretty uninteresting though. But this is only at a first glance. When you get inside it has simply loaded your normal Gmail page as if it were from a browser. The thing that makes this application great however is the fact that you can attach your files by simply dragging them into the compose field of your email. There is also a media browser for all of your “iMedia”. you can also manage multiple accounts by simply double-clicking the one you want to use in the side panel of the window. The feature I loooooved the most though was the built in GTalk. Overall the application is good but i dont know if it is worth the $30 dollars you will pay for it.