New Apple Employee Benefit Program Launches

In January of this year, it was announced by CEO Tim Cook that a new Employee Purchase Plan+ would be put into effect in June of 2012 offering an extra $500 discount on eligible Macs and $250 off the iPad to Apple employees. As promised, this new discount plan was put into effect on Wednesday.

The extra discount on Macs and iPads is only available to those employees who have passed their 90-day probationary period on top of their usual 25 percent discount once every three years. The Mac deal does not, however, apply to either the Mac mini or the new MacBook Pro with Retina display.

This new employee benefit program begins on the same day that reports have surfaced that Apple is offering retail workers raises that are higher than usual. Usually a 2-5 percent increase per year employed, workers have reportedly been given an increase of up to 25 percent depending on store performance and individual merit.

Apple expects the pay increase to help improve employee retention as it is believed that some retail workers have left Apple to work for Microsoft with promises of perks, signing bonuses, and promotion opportunities.

Source: Electronista via AppleInsider
Image Credit: Ubergizmo

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