Street View Coming To Google Maps Web App In Two Weeks

It’s no secret that Apple’s Maps app falls very short of Google Maps, with wrong information, misplaced landmarks, and no street view. While Apple fans everywhere wait for Apple to make some much needed improvements to its own Maps app, people can still rely on Google to get you where you need to go through its web app.

To do this, just go to the Google Maps website on your iDevice and add it as a “web app” to your home screen. The best part? According to David Pogues at the New York Times, Google is planning to add Street View to its web app.

Although you won’t get spoken directions, by using the web app version of Google Maps you’ll be able to get public transportation details, live traffic reports and Google’s more accurate maps and data.

So while we all wait with bated breath to see when Apple will fix the problems with its own Maps app, we can still use Google Maps, which we all know and love. And the web app will just be that much better in two weeks time when Google adds street view, especially since we still have a while to wait until Google releases its own Google Maps app for iOS.

Source: The New York Times Via Engadget via Gizmodo
Image Credit: here’s the thing

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