Snapseed Hits 9 Million Users In A Year

The popular photo editing application Snapseed for iOS, Mac and Windows has recently announced that they’ve hit more than 9 million users globally. The developer of Snapseed, Nik Software, has won numerous awards for Snapseed ranging from the iTunes Rewind Best iPad App of The Year award as well as TIPA’s Best Mobile Photo App of the Year award. Snapseed has also been promoted by Starbucks in their “Pick of the week” promotion, which just recently started to promote iOS applications.

If you’re unaware, Snapseed is a very full-featured photo editing application that launched last year. While Snapseed’s user-base isn’t as big as some other photo editing applications such as Instagram, it is aimed more towards the pro market. This is because very precise edits can be made using Snapseed, making it attractive to photographers who carry a DSLR and iPad Camera Connection Kit. This isn’t to say that Snapseed isn’t good for the casual user either. The average user will love Snapseed’s photo filters and social sharing applications.

If you haven’t yet picked up Snapseed, I would highly recommend doing so by clicking the link under this post.

Source: The Next Web

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