Samsung not rolling over, will fight Apple patent suit

Yesterday we pointed out that Apple was unleashing the legal hounds on Samsung. Today, the response from the Korean company is something we’ve heard before — the rubber and glue defence.

A Samsung spokesmen Chung Jae-woong had this to say to the press:

“We think Apple has violated out patents in communications standards. We are considering a counterclaim.”

The race to the bottom has begun.

We never expected Samsung to give in and agree that they’ve been ripping off Apple products, but we’re a little bit surprised that their rebuttal involves suing Apple for something else entirely.

Does Samsung not care about their IP so much that they let people actively violate their patents? It’s a little suspect that the company is deciding on whether or not they should sue based on being sued themselves.

If Samsung knew about the violations, why are they waiting until now to do something about it? More importantly, why the heck aren’t they protecting their patents?

Article Via The Next Web

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