Reuters: iPhone 5 to ship in September

Another major player in the news world has jumped on the bandwagon for a September release of the iPhone 5. According to a Reuters source, the iPhone 5 will begin production from July through to August, and then begin shipping in September.

Reuters passed the news on to the world through a tweet on their Twitter account (@reuters), without any further information about who the source could be or why we should believe them.

As it stands, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that we won’t see the iPhone 5 until September. Rumors have been surfacing from various sources, but all seem to agree that September is the big month for the iPhone 5. It could mean that we won’t get an official announcement from Apple until the traditional Back-To-School iPod event in September.

If you’re interested, we put together a list of features we’re hoping to see in the iPhone 5 on the site yesterday. You can check it out.

Article Via Reuters

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