iOS 6 Adds Bluetooth Sharing


iOS 6 beta 4 just dropped for developers, and some big changes are happening. Among them is the addition of a Bluetooth sharing menu.

Cody Lee, iDownloadBlog:

[We’ve] discovered a new Bluetooth Sharing option in the Privacy settings, as well as some other minor changes… The new Bluetooth Sharing menu, which appears in the Settings application under the Privacy pane, lists apps that have requested the ability to share data via Bluetooth.

This is particularly interesting because of the rumors swirling around about potential uses for Bluetooth 4. This has the potential to kill QR codes, Photobeamer, and Bump for good.

We might even see an AirDrop-like file sharing system for iOS. That would make this very easy to share media with your devices and with friends. This also could be the lead-up to a Bluetooth controlled Apple TV. Better transfer speeds and less power consumption in the Bluetooth 4 spec leaves the door wide open for possibilities of all kinds.

What do you hope this means? Are you waiting for a better way to share photos? Maybe you can squirt? Sound off by leaving a message in the comment section below this post. We love to have discussions with you!

Source: iDownloadBlog

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