Wanna see the insides of an iPad 3G ?

Geeks are born to tinker. It’s what we do. We dig down into operating systems where we’re not supposed to, we mod our gaming consoles so we can play backed up games, and we certainly want to know what the heck the insides of the new iPad 3G look like. It’s a good thing the guys at iFixit exist, or we’d be left to pull apart our own devices.

The iFixit guys wasted no time in pulling apart the new iPad 3G, and they’ve posted the glorious pics on the internet, in typical iFixit fashion.
Their seventeen step guide shows you how to disassemble the device part by part, and if you’re willing to replay the steps in reverse, how to put it back together again.

It’s pretty nuts how much stuff Apple’s packed into such a small space. Interesting points to note are that the “Micro-SIM” card could actually be MacGyver’d from a normal SIM chip, and there’s A LOT of empty space in the device. It’s amazing just how much technology you can pack into a small footprint these days.

Some Photos From iFixIt

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