Tweetbot For iPad On Sale For $0.99, Today Only!

Tweetbot is loved by a lot of iOS-using Twitter powerusers because of its awesome functionality and beautiful user interface. And since the official Twitter for iPad app just received a not so stellar update, some users have jumped ship and switched to Tweetbot. Because of this, the folks at Tapbots, the developers of Tweetbot, have decided to put Tweetbot for iPad on sale. While the app will normally run you $2.99 in the App Store, you can grab it now for just $0.99. However, if you want this awesome pricing, act quickly as the sale ends tonight!
Tweetbot is currently my Twitter app of choice on both my iPad and iPhone. I think that the app is definitely worth $0.99 and I would highly recommend purchasing it now. If you think Tweetbot is for you, hit the link below to download it.
Source: Lifehacker
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