Ten One Design turned an iPad into a pressure sensitive tablet

Is there anything the iPad can’t do? I mean, seriously, the only thing I had against it, outside of not running iOS yet, was the lack of pressure sensitivity on the screen. The iPad would make one badass tablet for graphic designers, but the pressure sensitivity thing is a bit of a problem, or is it?

Ten One Design has managed to artificially create pressure sensitivity using complex calculations that measure the surface area of contact between the Ten One pogo stylus and the screen itself. We’re extrapolating a little bit of information here, but it sounds to us like the application measures how much of the stylus is touching the screen to determine how “hard” the stylus is pushing against the glass. It’s a nifty little hack if you ask us.

If you don’t believe any of this, you can check out their video below.

Article Via Ten One Design Blog

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