Slingbox Mobile for iPad coming soon

If you’re a fan of television and you’re a techie, then you know about Slingbox and the SlingPlayer line of products.

In a nutshell — Slingbox allows you to view your home television from anywhere you have an internet connection.

That’s right. Fire up your browser. Launch an app on your mobile device. It doesn’t matter.

I’ve spent many hours streaming ESPN or CNN from home to my work desktop, and the image quality is amazing. In my humble opinion, SlingPlayer is the ONLY app to use for remote media viewing.

Mobile device owners have already had the luxury of the SlingPlayer app for a number of months now, but coming very shortly, there will be an official iPad app as well — so no more having to do the x2 image stretch to get a full screen pixelated picture.

From the Slingbox site:

We have been hard at work on an iPad version of SlingPlayer Mobile. When it becomes available it will be priced at $29.99, the same as all of our SlingPlayer Mobile applications. The new app will take full advantage of the iPad’s beautiful display.

Interested? Keep your eyes on the App Store, and Macgasm of course, since we’ll let you know as soon as the app is out.

You can also sign up for direct notification from Slingbox by clicking through the link here.

Note: Mobile devices supported by SlingPlayer are: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Palm OS,  and Symbian.

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