Shipping Delays: The US Demand for iPads Might Not Be the Problem

About a week ago we reported to you that Apple was unfortunately forced to delay their shipment of iPads internationally. The reason given then was the lack of supply due to the “surprisingly large US demand.” However, recent reports may say otherwise!

In a talk with Bloomberg News, iSuppli analyst Andrew Rassweiler says that there is a problem in this delayed shipment. He reports that yields on the display are causing the problem because they are low. After learning this news it’s sad to say that this is what is causing the “bottleneck” in production. The displays are being made by companies in South Korea and Japan (LG Display, Samsung Electronics, and Seiko Epson).

The displays are similar to those on the iPhone, except the obvious.. they’re much larger. The problem in production lies within upscaling the displays from the size of the iPhone to that of the iPad.

It’s unclear as to when exactly the iPads will be ready for the international shipments, it is believed to be ready for late May. Apple hopes to release the international prices on or around May 10, 2010. Until it’s confirmed we’ll keep reporting on the matter.

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